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GDT: Devils at Pens 7:00PM


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Minus the majority of the first half, we actually were the much better team.


Fleury was just leaps and bounce better than cory tonight, that's the difference. Also we have been kinda sh!tty in our own end tonight.


This is exactly why we needed to beat Columbus, fvcking ay.

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No they didn't. When you don't come out ready to play in the first period with how much the Devils need all these games, you don't deserve squat.

Yeah you're right in a sense... But they were so close to tying it up and at least getting a point. Too little too late though unfortunately. A hockey game is 3 periods.
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What would you call the Pens last 40 minutes then?


A lag with a fat lead in a game, and they're nine million games up in the division, they can afford a clunker.  We can't.  There was NO excuse to come out the way they did the first twenty minutes, and that's everyone.

Plus they're better than us.  Like Herb Brooks would say, 'we don't have enough talent to win on talent alone'.

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Henrique is such a bust I can't fvcking take it this team is so fvcking aggravated

Henrique and Zajac ..busts.

@NHLDevils: DeBoer: "We weren't ready to play. That's on me. We have to be ready to go at the start of the game. First period killed us."

Oh really Pete?

Well good. You're fvcking fired then.

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