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GDT: Devils @ Buffalo 1-4-14


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Yeah we keep both teams in the game pretty frequently.  Of course with Cory in net this is going to be a 1-0 or 2-0 shutout loss.  Of course we'll go back to scoring multiple goals for Marty on Tuesday, and probably lose 4-3.  Disgusting.


Maddening for sure.  Cory hasn't been consistent himself, but I feel for him.

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Let's face it, the Devils are what they are. A .500 team in every sense of the word. They have games where they are going to make you think positive then the next game promptly look like a lottery team. 


CS has to really think he's cursed right now. This is just terrible.  But look at the Rangers with Talbot compared to the Queen too. I mean how do you explain it?

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Just saying, what have the Devils done since Salvador came back?

Results don't lie. This team is better without him in the lineup.

I want:

Greene - Larsson

Fayne - Zidlicky

Gelinas - Merril

I'm not paying attention to LD or RD here, I just want these players in there.

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Where's Ftorek to throw a bench onto the ice when you need him?


Thank you Knight Ryder!

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