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All purpose Olympics thread


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Thank god we picked the great New York Ranger Ryan Callahan instead of Bobby Ryan....


On a serious note, I'm really glad Parise didnt re-sign with us at the price he was demanding. Hes overrated and cant score from more than 5 feet out.


calahan has been alright. Probably one of the better players on ice. Must have like 4-5 blocked shots a lot of hustle.


We lost imo because we relied on a few guys way to much. And of course parise shoots into the goalies chest every chance he gets.

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Not enough offense and it came back to bite them. USA had trouble scoring even strength against good teams and it definitely showed. Just not enough firepower. Also, no coaching adjustments made at all in that game. Terrible. Quick was fantastic though. Absolutely fantastic.

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I must admit, that Canadian defense was really impressive in the third.  Even when there was still plenty of time left, we were being forced to resort to last-minute looking tactics (i.e. blind passes, throwing shots without a shooting lane, general desperation-type plays), and only a couple of shots that presented a dangerous chance to score materialized..

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You are such an annoying troll. How many posts have you made about Habs fans bugging you? Like I said yesterday, you obviously deserve it.


Go celebrate with them right now instead of continuing to be a douche. And I am Canadian, btw.


jesus christ that was simply a joke, need a hug or something? calm down i got people bashing canada and to eat dicks and all for days and i cant have a little fun now?


and i replied to you yesterday it has nothing to do with me i dont even know 99% of them personally, they are just the way they are

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