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New Locker Room Tradition

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The Rangers had the Broadway Hat, the Penguins, the shovel, Caps, the hard hat and so on. Finally, the Devils have joined in on the trend, with a "Masters-esque" green jacket, awarded to game MVPs.




Apparently, it came from a video technician's wardrobe, but the jacket was used only as an icon, by Mike Foglino, It was given to Marty last night, for just the third time in it's early existence. The other two winners were Zidlicky, following his GWG in OT against Florida, and to Schneider after his shutout against Dallas.


I think this is so cool, it's a fun, little thing that the rest of the NHL has been in on for quite some time now, yet it fits "status quo" being a sports jacket, with world class golf ties and such. 

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