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Getting to Yankee Stadium

Matt Derek

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Forget about the bars across the street from the stadium...  they can't serve alcohol until 12:00 pm on Sundays...  also, Yankee Stadium will not serve alcohol until 12:00 pm on Sundays...  so plan accordingly.


And if you're drinking in the parking lot at Yankee Stadium, the police make their rounds AND will say something to you.  No tailgating allowed, so make sure you hide it well if you're drinking, as they will sneak up on you.  Same goes for subway, you cannot drink on them like you can drink on the NJ Transit trains.  I found that out the hard way with an open alcohol summons.


Parking next to the stadium is $35 -- but there's $20 lots/garages a couple blocks away (maybe even cheaper).  I think if you're going with a group (3 or more), driving makes sense, especially if you are 30+ minutes from a Path station (or Secaucus Junction).  If there's 2 of you, Path to Subway is probably the way to go.

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NJT into Penn, then walking over to the D train. Can't imagine voluntarily driving into what is assuredly going to be traffic hell. Sent via mobile

You will encounter less traffic driving to Yankee Stadium on a Sunday morning than any other day.  I'll give you a tip, though.  Avoid the Major Deegan like you avoid Route 21 for Devils games...  but again, you really shouldn't encounter much traffic on a Sunday morning.  And its best to park in a lot that has easy access back to NJ -- and not far from the exit of a parking garage that has one exit.


My advice for the Wednesday night Rangers vs Islanders game would be a lot different.

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I forgot who from this board thought of this idea, but it was BRILLIANT.


Taking the train into Manhattan around 7/8AM, and then gonna head straight to LEGENDS (http://www.legends33.com), which opens early to show European soccer. Gonna watch a game or two and get a few drinks and some breakfast in me, then head to Yankee Stadium.


LEGENDS is directly in between the avenues where Penn Station is at and Herald Square B-D trains/PATH. Seems like a no-brainer, and they serve alcohol at that hour.

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