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GDT: NJ Devils vs. NY Rangers - 12:30pm on NBC - Stadium Series Editio


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Cory Schneider needs to start the 3rd period. The baton has been passed.


It's so obvious, but I am scared there might be "tough elements and completely left out to dry" talk.


This was a giant game for the Devils. They came out strong and Brodeur has let them down. Gave the Rangers life. And then gave them goal after goal.

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This was Brodeur's last chance to shine and add a notch to his resume and the hot garbage in front of him let him down. It's not all his fault, this team is so badly flawed. This team is built for 2003 not 2014. They spent too much time backing up on their heels and getting beat through the neutral zone. 

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This is ridiculous. Not one goal was a bad goal on Marty. 2 redirections, 2 odd man rushes, 1 off a "rebound" that got blocked in front. This is all on the defense. Too many odd man rushes and defensive breakdowns.


5 was bad even for an outdoor game.   He hasn't played well but this game isn't 3-1 Devils with Cory in.   Maybe 3-3.

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I don't think Corey is going to come in... MAYBE to start the third. 


If this were a regular game in the Prudential Centre... Corey would come in after that 5th goal. But outdoors, in the middle of the snow, when Corey is cold (literally). Sorry, you want to start the outdoor game, this is part of it. It's not fair to bring the other goalie in under weird conditions without any time to prepare.


Also, Lundqvist sucked in the first... but had to make a total of ZERO good saves in the second until it was 5-3. 

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He's made a grand total of zero "good" saves. It sure as hell isn't 5-3 if Schnieder is in net


The only good save he made was off the first shot of the game.


This team is too slow. Period. It's obvious out here on the fast ice. They also make way too many mistakes and they don't have the talent to compensate.


Going to get warm for a bit. I can stomach the cold, but this garbage play mixed with it i can't. Even at 3-1, you knew it wasn't safe. They were outplayed from the first drop of the puck. Maybe one or two shifts in this whole game the Devils really looked good.

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