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GDT - February 3, 2014: 7:30pm Colorado Avalanche vs New Jersey Devils

Mike Brown

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Lol true.  


I think more people will make it to the game tonight.  Last time it was snow and wind.  Tonight it's just snow.  5,000 people is going to be my guess.


I think they can hit 6-7k tonight. Snow seems to be petering out a bit.

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Statsny and Tanguay are both out tonight.  Does anybody remember if they were out last time we played the Avs?

Yes,they were both out.They still beat us,because we can't score enough goals on a regular basis.Which is exactly why I pick against them most,if not all games.Who knows though,we might get lucky tonight.Ya never know.

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Yes. Zoom in on the barcode though

Yup it worked thanks!

Also every colorado fan here looks like a bandwagon leftover from the late 90s to early 2000's glory days. They love their team so much every single one of them I have seen were wearing a cheap knockoff jersey.

I really hate colorado and their fans. I hope the devils win this one.

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