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Just checked, Cory is second in GAA behind Harding and fifth in SV%( Harding is number one). I haven't watchedof Minnesota this year, but it seems Harding has been the best goalie in the league for them, from what I understand he has a story to, hats off to you my friend.

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That's actually kind of a classes thing to say as a coach.

I agree...this guy is losing my respect more and more (not that it matters) each day with comments and line changes. I have remained quiet on these boards and have even told family/friends I still want to give him a chance but that is quickly changing.

Lets see how many more "test balloons" he floats up as Chico said. Give me break already.

Lets Go Boys!




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Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice:

If someone were counting, they'd tell you Devils are now 0-for-11 on power play since Gelinas was sent down.

And harrolds.stupid play on the pp gave the caps a 2on1 and a good chance

Imagine Gelinas made that pinch? Rofl. With how Pete rolls though, Harrold will actually wind up with more ice time now.
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