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Average Age of Last 10 Stanley Cup Winners

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I made this thread over at HF too but I thought it could be good to discuss it here too. Actually it will probably be a much better discussion here.


2012/13  Chicago Blackhawks  26.91

2011/12  Los Angeles Kings  26.18

2010/11  Boston Bruins  28.57

2009/10  Chicago Blackhawks  26.42

2008/09  Pittsburg Penguins  28.35

2007/08  Detroit Redwings  31.7 (The oldest team to win a cup in 48 years)

2006/07  Anaheim Ducks  27.71

2005/06  Carolina Hurricanes  29.3


2003/04  Tampa Bay Lightening  27.83

2002/03  New Jersey Devils  29.36


The average for all of them combined is 28.23.



The youngest team to win the cup in the past 48 years were the 1985/86 Canadiens at an average age of 24.48 and as I pointed out the oldest team was the 07/08 Wings at 31.7.


The current NJ team's average age is 30.5. Honestly I thought they would be much older.

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