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The Official 2014 Trade Deadline Thread


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Why do people act like Lou does nothing to attempt to add scoring? Have you already forgotten about Kovalchuk? It isn't Lou's fault he left.


Not saying it is.  Simply saying: for today's intents and purposes, nothing is coming to save us from the depths of offensive obscurity.


It's ok. Don't cry.

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Sorry. You just sounded so upset and whiny, it's really ok.  No need to get too upset about it.  It's just a game.


Can you not instigate for once?


Anyway..bracing for a disappointing conclusion here.  90 minutes to go.

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OKAY anyway...

wonder if we're going to start to see some defensemen moving. 90 minutes left here. still think we're in for a flurry or two.


In my completely unqualified and unprofessional opinion, I bet the Vanek deal is holding things up.  Once that goes...the rest will fall.

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Scoring hasn't really been an issue since the Olympic break so I won't be too upset if a trade isn't made for scoring. Problem with that is this team is not very consistent. I would rather Lou hang onto the few prospects/assets we have. It would be nice if he could move Salvador, Volch, or Zids but it is what it is.

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