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The Official 2014 Trade Deadline Thread


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He's not retiring unless he gets no offers.  And the Devils will still think they need a .900 backup goalie so round and round we go.


I don't see Marty retiring even if he gets no offers. I don't know if I could see him in an SKA St. Petersburg jersey (or any other league) but I think he would wait for a deal next year (a dilemma which wouldn't occur because if needed Lou will sign him as a backup).

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Agreed.  5 goals this year?  WOW.  Gionta has one less goal...ho hum.


The only way i'll even remotely like this is if Salvador or Volchenkov went back to Carolina. To take on a player that is 31 and 3 more years on his deal at 4.7 mil who has 9 goals in the last 71 games is a terrible trade. I hate this deal, it is fvcking garbage. 

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