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Game in Philly


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What is with other teams fans and trying to fight in the bathroom?


What is it with fighting over sports events period?  I don't think I'll ever understand it.  I know a lot of it is fueled by alcohol, but I would never actually start a fight with someone over a friggin' game.  I'd rather walk away...it's just not worth it to me, and too many things can go wrong (like you hitting a guy, him slipping on a wet floor and cracking his head open and killing himself.  Suddenly that punch you threw is a now an involuntary manslaughter charge...sure, doesn't happen a lot, but whenever stuff like that does happen, no one sees it coming.  And it's just impossible to tell what people are capable of these days).  Even if you try to get into good-natured ribbing, it seems like it escalates so damned quickly these days, where suddenly five or six people (including females) are suddenly throwing punches, beer flying everywhere...kinda sucks. 


That whole nonsense in the MSG bathroom happened because, sadly, the guy who started it with me (it was ALL him) wasn't going to let me past him without it being a fight...it's what he wanted and he was determined to make it happen.  Pure self-defense on my part. 

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