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GDT New Jersey Devils @ Tampa Bay Lightning - 7pm MSG


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They got the very best you could expect from Brodeur tonight. It's a shame, but this team is not a playoff team. 


They lose this game and I can't make a case for them going 10-3-1 no matter how "easy" or "favorable" their schedule is. 


They've got 20 minutes to make something happen. 

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We don't have games in hand, we don't have anything going in our favor. Pack up shop, the season is over. The Devils are officially eliminated as of the BJ Crombeen goal


everybody pretty muck knew there backs were broken last night anyway. And that's why we got this timid/scared effort today.


They've rolled over and died

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There is no excuse to let Larsson and Gelinas play and develop from this game out. Not one

Boucher for that matter, too.


Boucher can stay in the AHL for the rest of the season, he clearly wasn't ready earlier.  Hell they should have kept Merrill down too but they're rushing him the way they rushed Larsson at 18.


The other two should obviously be playing but I've given up the ghost on that.

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