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Is there a list of allowed BB codes for this site?  I tried using a [MORE][/MORE] and it didn't work.  HIDE didn't work either.  I guess they aren't  coded for use.


I prefer to use the codes instead of icons.  Makes life easier to troubleshoot and edit. 


Thnx a bunch. :)

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Acronym     [acronym={option}]{content}[/acronym][background={option}]{content}[/background]Blog Entry Link     [entry={option}]{content}[/entry]Blog Link     [blog={option}]{content}[/blog]Bold Text     [b]{content}[/b]Center     [center]{content}[/center]Code     [code]{content}[/code]Color text     [color={option}]{content}[/color]Email address     [email={option}]{content}[/email]Extract Blog Entry     [extract]{content}[/extract]Font tag     [font={option}]{content}[/font]Horizontal Rule     [hr]HTML Code     [html]{content}[/html]iFrame     [iFrame]{content}[/iFrame]Image     [img={option}]Image     [image]{content}[/image]Indent     [indent={option}]Italic Text     [i]{content}[/i]Left     [left]{content}[/left]Lists     [list]{content}[/list]Media     [media={option}]{content}[/media]Member     [member={option}]Multi-Page Articles     [page]PHP Code     [php]{content}[/php]Post Link     [post={option}]{content}[/post]Post Snap Back     [snapback]{content}[/snapback]Quote     [quote]{content}[/quote]Right     [right]{content}[/right]Shared Media     [sharedmedia={option}]Size tag     [size={option}]{content}[/size]Spoiler     [spoiler]{content}[/spoiler]SPOILER     [sp]{content}[/sp]SQL Code     [sql]{content}[/sql]strike     [strike]{content}[/strike]Subscript text     [sub]{content}[/sub]Superscript Text     [sup]{content}[/sup]Topic Link     [topic={option}]{content}[/topic]Twitter     [twitter]{content}[/twitter]Underlined Text     [u]{content}[/u]URL     [url={option}]{content}[/url]XML Code     [xml]{content}[/xml]
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I tried both. The copy from word look fine in the reply window. But when I hit post it went everywhere. Same with the html code. I managed to get it posted in the end. No idea how. Also is the search function still off from deadline day?

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