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GDT-Flames @ Devils-7PM

Renato Rodrigues

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I would be surprised if Schneider did not start.  I'm already surprised it hasn't been announced yet.


Assuming Kari Ramo gets the start, we better beat him.


We all know this is a must-win game, and getting back within 1 point of Columbus may put enough pressure on them that they make some mistakes in their last few games, enough so that it could cost them some wins and a chance for us to sneak ahead.  I'm gripping hard for this to happen, and although I still think the other teams in front of us in the conference would take care of us pretty handily if we were actually to make the post-season, going on a run like this and making the playoffs in the final week of the season could be enough of a momentum and confidence booster to actually do some damage and surprise a #1 or #2 seed. 

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Please let's have more than just one 3-game winning streak this year....

The playoff-hopes flicker is at its lowest possible point, but we still have a chance..so let's play like it is another elimination game.

C'mon Schneider !

with our playoff hopes are flickering, it's good we play the flames tonight to help them burn a little longer.

I have seen it in the flames. The Lord of light is not done with these devs yet. It is known.


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Holy sh!t...I didn't get to watch most of the last two games unfortunately, so wtf happened to Elias, Henrique, and Josefson?  They're ALL not playing tonight?!


Also, big fvcking surprise, Larsson has been sent back down.  I don't like Volchenkov being back in the lineup.  I would rather put Larsson in, or keep Gelinas back and call up Reid Boucher. 

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As TG stated earlier on Twitter, a Devils loss tonight and it's possible they could get mathematically eliminated even before they take the ice on Thursday vs. Ottawa.


MUST win.


They're ALL must-wins the rest of the way.  If the Devils are very lucky, they might get away with dropping one of the eight remaining points available, but it seems doubtful. 


One nice bonus, for whatever it's worth:  Columbus' next two games are tough:  vs. Phoenix and @Dallas.  Not going to say Columbus can't win both games, but at least they're facing teams fighting for a playoff spot.  Those teams should, at the very least, show up and play hard. 

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