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This off seasons UFA's and realistic possible trades


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I don't care what we talk about, it could be whether you prefer peanuts or cashews, I'm bored and need something to waste time with lol.

I am really into almonds these days.  And you know, based upon my observations it's true their calories have been miscalculated.  I'm just sayin'


I was thinking about it here on this board -- and what's funny is I think everyone feel sthe same way you do -- just bored and longing for action.  But sometimes it just looks so ridiculous asking for trades, firings, whatever -- just for actions sake.  Very few take the tie to sit and traumatically ponder the situation.  It's why I like Tri whether I agree with him or not - he gives serious consideration from a to z... and beyond.  I also love Stereo who just goes nuts on intuitive stream of consciousness -- which I understand gets rolled into a fully thought out plan of action -- even if he does get realy distracted by stuff he has actually thrown out of his plan but nontheless feels he must defend the initial thought just because he's creative like that and ... well -- you know how it is.


SO  honestly -- I don't think I'm an actual fan of the peanut.  It's  a nice base but stand alone... it actually doesn't do it for me -- not like an almond.  But I feel so shafted PAYING for almond butter and stuff...


Wonder what Scott Stevens is up to.  My dad just gave us his canoe and went off on how it's damned good but not a Peterborough and then proceeded to tell me about watching them make them when he was a kid....  that's probably why I started thinking about Stevens...

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