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Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!&#33

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Not sure why you should need this explained to you, but I'll give it a try:   Many of us find Ranger fans both dumb and annoying; to be fair, it doesn't sound like your sig other is one of them.  

Boom. Love it. Well done 95, well done. Been rocking my Devs hat where ever I go too.

On the upside, the first actually good hockey team they'll play will be in the Final. Philly is trash, Pittsburgh is soft and mentally weak with lousy goaltending, and the Habs are also a soft, mental

I'm sure the Sharks-fans were confident too...


I'm waiting until it's over.  


While you're right...the Rangers ain't facing a choking dog of a team either.  I think it's only a matter of when, not if at this point.  And if you watched the Rangers in the postgame last night you'd think the same thing.  Certainly a different, more funeral tone than our locker room was in '12 down 3-0.

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Rangers have had a loserish tone since after Game 2. Only person who said the right things in the postgame was Ryan McDonaugh. Otherwise, everyone including the coach has been making excuses and their heads are NOT in the right place, especially Henrik's.

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with all of these anti ranger threads you would think it was a celebration of the devils winning the cup over here

You know how much of a relief it was to Rags fans in '12, and now we have the same relief...

simply relief that we wont have to see all the accolades that come with winning.

Who was supposed to pick up Martinez?

#8 Klein ?

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