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congrats to the 2013-14 Champs, the Kings


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Steve Somers is saying he thinks the Garden should (and will, for that matter) hold an event at Bryant Park to celebrate 'the great Ranger run'. Lmfao. This is what all of us in and around NJ are talking about when we talk about what a bunch of sh!t-stains Ranger fans are. I mean these people are ready to have a rally to celebrate finishing second. I wonder how long before they brain wash themselves into thinking this is the greatest, most important run to the Finals in NHL history and that everyone should worship them for it... I give it a couple of days lmao.

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Oh and the other quickly stylish thing for Rags fans to say today is 'DUUUUUH, it was five games but everyone knows it was closa den dat'. fvck off. You got housed in 5 and were outshout 750-3 in 3rd periods. You got beat the fvck down by a superior team. Your little run was a fluke built on facing back-up goaltenders and Boston losing. Know your role and shut your hole.

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I couldn't be prouder of my team. They showed tremendous heart and gave the Kings all they wanted. Outside of Game 3, every game was decided by a goal with all three in LA needing sudden death. The difference was the Kings' size and talent. They got stronger every third period and were dominant. However, two of those overtimes easily could've gone to the Rangers. Quick got a post and a big stop on Kreider in Game 2, which ultimately was the game that cost them any realistic chance. It's one they should've won regardless of the controversial non-call on King. The Kings benefited from a couple of calls including a horrible one on Zuccarello. But that's what great teams do. Take advantage. They probably would've tied it anyway due to Vigneault's coaching mishaps. The third periods were a travesty. He got outcoached by Sutter, who did a great job mixing his lines and adjusting.


There's no shame in losing to the best team who all postseason fought back and showed the kind of resiliency befitting of a champion. I can't recall a team like this one. From their historic comeback against the Sharks to the rally from 3-2 down against the Ducks to the way they battled back in an epic Game 7 at Chicago, these Kings are Stanley Cup Kings. They had to dig deep to pull it off and beat the best goalie in the sport. Even people here have to admit that. Henrik never has to answer another question. He took a flawed team as far as they could go without the benefit of a top line center or scorer (Nash?)  and only one legit All-Star defenseman. In the past, I critiqued Lundqvist as much as anyone. Not anymore. He's a King in my book. From the way he plays to the way he handles questions. A class act.


I don't feel bad. This isn't 2012. I took that loss much harder. This was an awesome ride. I never thought we'd ever experience a Conference Final clincher reaching the Cup full of memories I'll have forever. I never pictured going to a Stanley Cup game even though it happened to be the Game 3 snooze fest. It was still great. Today, I have more of an appreciation and reflect more positively moving forward. When you say the Rangers can't, I say they can. It'll be awfully hard to get back. With the right moves, I believe they will.

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A Rag fan just proposed Nash for Clarkson on WFAN. Lmao.


That would make a lot more sense if Nash was on the Leafs and Clarkson on the Rangers, the Leafs don't exactly need another charmin talented player and the Rangers already have good third-fourth liners that aren't getting paid a king's ransom.

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