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Predict Marty's future role with the Devils

Marty's future  

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  1. 1. Marty's future with the Devils is...

    • Goaltending coach
    • Bench coach (head or assistant)
    • Scout (special assignment)
    • TV or radio personality
    • Random front office position
    • President or General Manager
    • Owner
    • Nothing

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I could maybe see him being a scout or doing TV for a while.  Gotta earn a paycheck somehow.  I don't see him being a GM for a long time, could possibly see some assistant GM time but also not in the near future.  


He's already said he doesn't want to coach.

Can you find a source for this?  I remember him saying it wasn't out of the realm of possibilities.  Couldn't see him as anything more than a goalie coach, but I could see it.  He gives a lot of credit to jacques Caron for his success.  

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According to Marty's agent he is willing to wait even if the season starts to get play time on a team (TG posted)


Agree, think he's going to have wait for a starting goalie to get hurt.  It's not "willing to wait" so much as it is "he doesn't have a much of choice".  GMs spoke loud and clear when they all passed on him for other names.  And even if someone DOES get hurt in-season, there could still be other names ahead of him on many GMs' lists.

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I think he'll be a TV guy for a bit, make some big dough, and then maybe move tot he front office. He might just stay on TV though, become the next Don Cherry maybe ;)

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