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Which Player are you Most Curious to Watch Next Season?



63 members have voted

  1. 1. Who?

    • Schneider
    • Cammalleri
    • Larsson
    • Gelinas
    • Merrill
    • Jagr
    • Other (specify)

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I'm gonna go Clowe. I thought he was highly effective when on the ice last year and I want to see what he looks like and if he can regain that ability or if he's just a shell at this point. Could be huge for our bottom 6 if he can produce and stay on the ice. Both big ifs at this point.

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i really don't know... so many guys that im looking forward to see what they'll bring.


I hate Cammalleri but for the love of god hopefully he'll produce. What will Schneider do as his first season as a starter. Will Jagr stay consistent. Will Clowe stay healthy. Will Larsson take the next step? Merril... Gelinas... etc etc

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I'm fairly confident that Schneider and Jagr will both put up the same type of numbers this season as the last (hopefully with more W for #35)

I'm also hoping for big pushes forward with our younger defensemen, they have the ability but they just have to prove it now.

I did vote for Cammalleri as I want to see how he produces in this system. I really want this to payoff and make Lou look like the old Lou we remember. 

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Reid Boucher - he won't make the team but he'll be here a lot.  Interested to see if they can find him a spot with Elias sometime - I think they'd work well together.


On one hand, this feels like a "Tri trying to come off as more profound than everyone else" post.


On the other hand, I agree with:


1) He won't make the team, but


2) We'll be seeing a lot of him, because guys will get hurt and/or scratched, and the offense will probably stutter, so the opportunities will be there for him...the key being opportunities plural.  I just don't know if he'll do much with them, or how fair those opportunities will be. 

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