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Survivor Football 2014 - Big Blue Wins!

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I didn't forget until the night before this time...



NJDevs Survival Football is back on



Group: 17828

Password: elias


The rules are quite simple.  


Pick one team you think will win this week... if you're right, you move on.  If not, sorry... thanks for playing but your season is done.


You can only use a team once, so be smart.   Upsets typically determines the winner.    But sometimes you out think yourself and go with a risky pick, and you guessed it - season over.

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Easy come, easy go.  It's week one and we say goodbye to many with the Bill's OT upset of the Bears (20.15% of Yahoo to boot).   


Ginger Power
Dynamo Nation
What Mask? couldn't escape it either, as the Patriots lost to Miami.
Moving forward
Eagles 49.13% of Yahoo, 34-17 over the Jaguars...   after a 17-0 beat down in the first half.
Big Blue
CRASH and Burn
Steelers 8.86% of Yahoo, 30-27 over the Browns
Devils Dose
Jets 4.94% of Yahoo, 19-14 over the Raiders
VALUE-packed picks
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Week 2 and more casualties abound.



We say goodbye to

Aylbert - Titans
Swamps - Buccaneers
JLeeds - 49ers
DD56- Saints
We have five players remaining:
Big Blue and Devils Dose move on with the Packers win
CRASH & Burn and Eaglejelly advance with the Broncos
and VALUE-packed picks moves to next week with their Texans pick.
Good luck in Week 3!
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Week 3 - Five enter, three move on.


Devil Dose misses his pick and is out.

Value Packed Picks are out with Miami's loss to the Chiefs (34-15).


This leaves this trio who moved on:


Eaglejelly and Big Blue with the Patriots pick (16-9 over the Raiders)
Crash and Burn with the Bengals pick (33-7 over the Titans)

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Week 4, CRASH and Burn, crashes and burns with the Steelers loss to the Buccaneers 4th quarter rally, 27-24

Big Blue and Eaglejelly move on with the Chargers defeat of the Jaguars 33-14

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As EagleJelly mentioned, he is out with the Cowboys win over the Seahawks, 30-20.


Congrats Big Blue!  
He has won this year with his Cardinals pick over the Redskins, 30-20.




We are done this year; and given the size of this league... next year I will implement 2 losses and your out to keep it a bit more exciting and to get some fun picks at first.

Thanks for the fun, but short, year.


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