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Are the Devils breaking an old tradition?


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In the Episode of «Your canadiens» Mike explain that number 13 is everywhere in his life. Good and bad memories. Personnal memories too.


You can Watch it here... (go at 8 minutes if you want to know more about the number.)





As for lou's quote... im not sure what it means. Does it mean we wont allow him to wear it or nobody wear it in our team so he will have it.

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There's a lot of buildings that have a 13th floor. That number I can at least understand. I also agree the rest of the numbers thing is dumb

This drives me crazy. If the building has over 13 floors, and you just call the 13th floor the 14th floor, that takes away the supposed jinx of it being the 13th? It's still the 13th, no matter what you call it. If you built a 13th floor and then sealed it so that it was empty and the elevator didn't stop there,

I would understand.

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my guess is they've just done it like that as it's before training camp and that's the number he normally wears, nor have they consulted the Devils about it either.


In terms of team philosophy and numbers, we will know once training camp starts.

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Maybe I'm in the minority here and maybe it's because in just used to it, but I like the no high numbers thing. I think it goes along well with the team first philosophy.

If that's the case, just assign everyone a number under 35 and don't let them choose at all. Letting guys "keep" their number only if it's under 35 is arbitrary and stupid.

And letting #22 sign with the team and keep his number but telling #44 he has to change unless he's famous does not do anything toward enforcing a "team first" philosophy. It actually kind of says the bigger your ego and your profile, the more privileges you get.

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