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NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15


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very true, but I think managing to certain categories as well...

But that element wasn't new...    I think the deep bench creates more parity; which allows for more swings.

It's on my to-do list to figure out since I sucked so much this year.   My suspect it's just underpeformance;    Yahoo had my projections in the top 3 all year until I dismantled.

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Next 2 week are going to be crazy, much bigger swings than I remember this late inthe season, +7.5 in 2 days, loving it!!


I have to admit being bemused you lost 7.5 points just last night - basically the next to last day of the season...that does seem unheard of late in the season.  A well-timed shutout for Pavelec (despite the SO loss) :lol:


Even though he'd be the only non-poster to ever win the league I'm rooting for the troll job now.

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Well congrats SON OF red for extending dad's hockey title drought another year  :evil:


Zamboni Warriors' late surge swept him by the field for their first title.  My final-day rally served to put me into second for the third straight year.  Guess ayl's implosion of a season after dominating the field for three years wasn't quite enough to put me over the top again after all :P


red finished third after a strong year, and all in all it might have been the best fantasy season in quite some time between the parity and most owners staying active.  This format seems to work (14 teams, NHL-type rosters), so don't see any reason why that would change next year.  We'll probably implement a keeper system in some form starting next season to further encourage late-season participation from all teams...right now I have three keepers and anyone drafted after the fifth round is eligible written in pencil but that can change either before I activate the league or before the draft since I'll want input from the teams signing up next year.


Thanks for playing everyone and hope to see most if not all of you back next season!

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Congratulations Zamboni Warriors!   Snagging Rinne for Semin while keeping your offense top-notch was the key; and you played it great.  Keeping NJDevs4978 has always been the goal, the rings are secondary.   Remember to give him your ring size; he goes all out..  they're classy :)


Congrats again!


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This was a particularly fun season, lots of active teams and roster changes as the season went by.


Needless to say, I've learned some things for next season.


I think I finished 10th last year, so.. 5th this year is an improvement.  Hoping for a top-3 next year!

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