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NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15


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Actually I can't switch the time to nine, for some reason Yahoo can only handle a certain number of drafts in a time slot, so I could only change it to 6:45 or before, or have it 11:30 at night.  So it stays at 8 on Sunday, sorry red :P


Now that ayl's picked his slot I did the rest of the draft order, so this is the order to start with (remember it's a snake draft so if you have pick 14 in the first round you follow it up with pick 15 since it's the first pick in the second round):


1. NJDefenders

2. Already had 2 donuts

3. Eaglejelly

4. Sworn Defenders (champion select)

5. New Jersey Swamps (oh goody me and ayl get to annoy each other during the draft :lol:)

6. NeoThrashers

7. Wolverines


9. DirtyMike&theBoys

10. Eat Another Donut

11. Dynamo Nation

12. Zamboni Warriors

13. Dishonor For Conor (too bad Clown can't lose enough to get a higher draft pick here)

14. Moves like Jagr


Any questions, now's the time to ask.

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4. Sworn Defenders (champion select)

5. New Jersey Swamps (oh goody me and ayl get to annoy each other during the draft :lol:)


We had pretty different drafts last year; so hopefully we don't conflict too much...  with the same results of course.

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I expected 10 goalies....

ugh, my secret is out.


Football sidebar: Actually, I've been failing hard in Fantasy Football for a while when I think I drafted well.

This year I focused my top picks on can't miss talent.    Top QB's bust minimally compared to RBs and WRs (outside of injuries which effects them all).  So my goal then, and still now, is to wait out a few weeks and then flip it for actual known production.   If Ingram comes back strong, honestly, my roster is fine as-is... but everyone needs RBs.


Back to hockey: I've had the same formula for years and it's worked well.  I'm drafting a top goalie; or I'm drafting Crosby or Stamkos.  That part is not a secret.  I'd greatly prefer a goalie since I'll need to get lucky at the end of round 2 / start of round 3....  but if you are leaving me Crosby or Stamkos there at #4...  I guess I must.

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Remember folks draft is TONIGHT at 8 PM!


(I may need a damn reminder myself cause my day's too busy - the Devils BBQ in the afternoon and a family dinner/movie before the draft.  At least the movie gets me out of watching the Jets cause I sure as shooting wasn't going during the draft  :P)

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