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Schneider's new mask


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"None Shall Pass" is more from Monty Python. In the LOTR movies Gandalf says "You shall not pass", but in the books its something like "You cannot pass, I am a servant of blah blah blah...flame of Anor". I wouldn't say the quote came from LOTRs, it just sounds cool. 

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I associate 'None Shall Pass' with Monty Python, but there it's ironic, so I dunno if you'd want that on your mask.


Agreed. That's the first thing I thought of. I'm pretty sure Gandalf's line is, "You Shall Not Pass!"


Does this mean that Cory will fight until his arms and legs are hacked off and even then he'll bite their kneecaps off?


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Looks a little..busy.  But I'm an engineer, not an architect - so my opinion regarding design is pretty much worthless (or so I've been told countless times).


I'm an architect and I agree.


On the flipside, the idea of minimal design is a preference of the times. Not sure how much longer that look would hold out for, while the busy look of Schneider's (while overdone) is more of the NHL staple. More masks in the league look like Schneider's than ones who don't.


Still, I'd prefer the Hiller look...

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