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Bernier, Harrold & Janssen on Waivers. Carter to Wild


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I know this isn't the thread per se, but my big frustration right now is with Zubrus. He's a #9 in the top 9, and a borderline fourth liner at this point and I just don't see how he'd help this team where he's slotted right now.

I am hoping that line works but I agree with you about Zubrus. They can't afford another slow start. Boucher should be there instead of Zubes. Or at least Brunner. Zubes played just terrible hockey last year. The 2nd half was as bad as any Devil in recent memory. I do like him but he is a 4th liner at this point.

I don't see the top 6 staying this way for long at all. Cammo should be with Elias and Havlat. The top line needs a righty on the wing in my opinion.

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FWIW, here are DeBoer's comments on the situation with the young defensemen.  (Bolding mine)



“We liked him last year in camp. I thought he had a good camp,” Devils coach Pete DeBoer said. “Obviously, it was an easy decision last year because he had junior eligibility left and it was his first camp, but he really knocked on the door last year. He came back this year and I think as a group we wanted to come in with a real open mind because of missing the playoffs last two years to look at the young guys in the organization (and) to give everybody in the organization a fresh and a clean slate and not to look at birthdates or draft position or experience and go with the best guys.

“He had an outstanding camp. He as a guy you just couldn’t ignore. For a young guy to come in and grab a spot like that, that’s the only way you do that.”

Severson will be thrown right into the cauldron Thursday night playing his first NHL game at Wells Fargo Center, one of the more hostile buildings in the league.

“But, when you talk to this kid I think you realize that he’s not the type that gets overwhelmed,” DeBoer said. “He’s got a personality like he plays – a real calm composure to him. I thought all our young defensemen had good camps. This isn’t about our young defensemen, someone not having a good camp. This is about this kid just having an exceptional camp.”


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