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Preseason GDT Isles @ Devs


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apparently five finger death punch were at the devils preseason game according to a guy who posted a pic of them on facebook


i think they play there tomorrow





Oh yeah? Are they going to be there before or after they play at the grand opening of a new Hot Topic?

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thoughts from the game:


i thought brunner had the best game of anyone tonight - he was carrying the puck in well and showed good speed. I also thought merrill had a pretty solid game and schneider was also very good. clowe made some nice plays and looked pretty good for his first game. you can tell severson skates well and has some skills - i think he'll be a good pro.


for the not so good, gelinas and larsson did not have great games - gelinas especially. gelinas made some pretty bad decisions with the puck but wasn't entirely out of position all that much. i also didn't see a ton from the top line - they weren't bad per se, but they didn't do all that much out there.


the arena is clearly undergoing renovations. the yellow boards were pretty off putting but i stopped noticing them (or should i say being annoyed by them) by the 3rd. the ice lounge, when it's full and people have to wait on lines to pay for food, is going to be a disaster. i understand why the devils are doing it but boy oh boy will it make the experience bad. hilariously, they actually raised the prices midway through the game because they had old pricing plaques up and needed to change them.


all that said, a win is a win and in a shootout no less.

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I shouldn't've checked the ol Corsis before I gave my evaluations of tonight's players.  But yeah I was there tonight.


Defense in general I was pretty impressed with - Severson and Gelinas made some bad reads (especially Gelinas, he is a disaster when flustered) but they played well.  There weren't a lot of breakdowns.


Forwards were a different story - I thought Cammalleri-Zajac-Jagr was a little off, Cammalleri's not yet on the same page as those two.  Jagr's only going at 80% regardless.  Clowe-Henrique-Ryder I was going to say were not good, not bad, but I see here that they basically dominated possession.  I imagine a lot of those shots attempted were by the D.  Ruutu-Josefson-Brunner were weird - Brunner had some really good wheels going and he made a few dynamite rushes but not much came of them.  Josefson was basically invisible and Ruutu wasn't really keeping up.  I notice DeBoer didn't praise Brunner which is a little odd because I do think he was the Devils' best forward.   The 4th line was the 4th line - Tootoo made some bad decisions with the puck, Janssen's just a big eager dog out there, and Carter's trying but I'm not sure he'll make it.  All in all it's clear as mud what's going to happen.

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Random Notes:

Brunner put on an absolute stick handling clinic tonight. He needs to be better away from the puck though.

His shootout move was the Forsberg. Not sure with his arsenal of moves why he chose that one, but his stick is way too short to do it.

Schneids really is poor with the puck. Might be better off staying in the crease nearly 100% of the time.

Ryder looks way better, moving his feet much more. My girlfriend thinks he is playing better because he can actually see because his helmet doesn't sit so low. She' s funny.

The Henrique line has nice chemistry. This line should be really effective, particularly at home due to the last change. Henrique looks like he is in midseason form already. However, his shootout attempt was another one where he flubbed his shot.

Tootoo had an OK effort. As did Carter. Both looked nervous. If they are battling for the same spot, gotta say Carter gets it. I think Tootoo gets and takes a 2 way deal.

I really like Ruutu and Brunner on the 4th line. If centered by JJ or Gio or even Carter, (dare I say Gomez?) this line could put up some offense. This is a good way to hide Brunner defensively and still have him available for PP and shootout. He can also slide up the lineup if need be. He really does have a ton of skill. He also looks faster when carrying the puck this year. I see the skillset if Giroux, can he come anywhere near that reamains to be seen.

The Devils have a really nice player in Seversen. He needs some work, but he has tremendous upside. He plays with a ton of confidence. His skill at the opposing blueline is fantastic. He walks the line really well. He has a fake pass that is really deceptive. He is a lityle risky with his reads as far as passing the biscuit D to D there. Overall, I think he has some Doughty in him.

Merrill is a stud. He was making great reads in the defensive zone all night. I really enjoy watching him play. He has come along niceley in the last calendar year.

Cammo is a great addition. He is gonna be a fan favorite. He can really skate and man can he snap the puck off. 30 goals for him, no doubt.

Gelinas looked solid. Wish he played tougher, maybe he will at some point. Larsson just seems to be JJ only playing defense. WYSIWYG. Both are terribke in retrieving the puck, couple that with Schneids stickhandling and there is gonna be some interesting pkays back there. I can' t conceive hiw you play them together.

With the forwards the team has it seems to have a lot of options as far as line shuffling. This team is gonna go as Jagr and Henrique goes.

Didn't like our shootout attempts at all. I see much of the same as last year. I was on the far end away from Schneids but he looked off to me from where I sat. I think it was more if the shooters missing than him being dominant. I could be wrong as it was hard to tell. He just doesn' t look good during these to me for some reason.

Helgesen looks like he might be a solid player at this level. Fayne-esque.

Not sure what the attendance was but it was way lighter than the Flyers game.

New MC girl's voice was much nicer than last girls, but the PA still seemed low.

Food portion was small for the chicken fingers and fries.

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