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GDT 10/7/14: THE NJ DEVILS @ Philadelphia 7PM

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@TGfireandice: Funniest moment of morning was Jaromir Jagr trying to get @KenDaneykoMSG to say, "Ruutu to Tootoo, 2-on-1" quickly. Lmao Jagr rules.

Jesus Brodeur. Oh wait...

Lot to like, lot to dislike - Salvador of course did not fail to disappoint - he's got to be better.  He actually wasn't that bad skating-wise but his reads seemed off at times.  Zidlicky didn't have

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It's a 2 point game. There were some weaknesses but they will improve. The top three offensive lines did a great job scoring. Faceoffs must improve. Pete talked all pre season about scoring from 4 lines and in the post interview he spoke about 3 lines of scoring. The 4th line need to change.

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Weird game for the opener, high scoring, high event. Devils are a fortunate to walk away with the win imo but after losing games they dominated the last couple of years, I'll take it.

NJD D SH TOI: Salvador 4:09, Zidlicky 3:00, Merrill 1:56, Greene 1:25, Severson 0:38 - with Salvador and Zidlicky out there for the PPG's against. Would like to see Salvador and Zidlicky used less. It was interesting to see Severson out there with Salvador late in the game.

Really liked the Havlat-Elias-Zubrus line, they were awesome all night. Liked the top line too, nice to see Cammalleri get his first goals as a Devil.

Thrilled to see Severson have a succesful 1st game, especially after following him in Kelowna the past few years. 18:39 TOI, did well with tough zone starts in 5v5 play, looked like he belongs.

Didn't really like the 4th line, especially Tootoo and Ruutu tonight. Got trapped in their own end in their limited time on the ice. Hope they can be better in the next game. Don't want to judge too harsh on a small sample size.


I was being not serious.  I guess I need to stop trying to be funny.

I enjoyed it. :cheers:

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Lot to like, lot to dislike - Salvador of course did not fail to disappoint - he's got to be better.  He actually wasn't that bad skating-wise but his reads seemed off at times.  Zidlicky didn't have a very good game either although his pass to Havlat was sick.


Cammalleri at least from Game 1 is as advertised - I thought he shot a little too much but hey 7 shots isn't bad.


Severson looked how I thought he would - he has to be impressing people.  He tried a play in the 3rd period where he tried to flip the puck to himself to get around the forecheck.  It was totally nuts but he is not afraid.


Gelinas was unremarkable and unremarkable is good.


4th line was a disappointment, they shouldn't get run that hard by the other 4th line.  


And of course Schneider was not great but he was not terrible - the Flyers did get 39 shots after all.  Goals #1 and #2 were not his best work.


Just glad to have Devils hockey back.

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Schneider: He was great. I don't know what some of you are seeing, sorry. He made 2-3 saves that could have been goals to make up for any he should have had. If he was bad then I shudder to think of what you thought of Mason.


Zubrus: Looked like a top 9 player tonight. He had some shot attempts, rather than just getting the puck to the boards. I was complaining about his second-line play time but he was good tonight at least.


Severson: Awesome. He rushed the puck a couple of times. Has a nice shot. Decent speed. Solid in his own end. Had the one blatant giveaway at the end of the game when things were decided. But otherwise really good game I thought.


Salvador: Terrible pinch on the fourth goal. A flubbed pass early in the game when everyone was nervous. Didn't notice much else but he wasn't very good.


Cammalleri: He's awesome. Has a great nose for the net, kind of like Parise.


Tootoo: That penalty was bad. He should have played the puck instead of whacking at the guy, although he caught a bad break on that slashing call. I think Brunner is in next game for sure. That whole line didn't outplay anybody as someone else noticed.


Everyone else was pretty good.

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I have to say, reading these GDT pages after a back and forth win like this is incredibly enjoyable. From guys going from ulcers to aneurysms, to others throwing their TV out the window, it always makes for a great read.

hahahaha awesome. Where's that gif from the other thread?
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A few notes:

Pulling this out is a huge 2 points against a divisional opponent. Not a tie or 1 goal loss.

Faceoffs need to improve. Unfortunately much like the shootout, I don't see drastic improvement in this area. Steckel...Just kidding.

4th line was not good. Tootoo looks like he is really thinking the game. Takes time to learn the system, although to be honest, it's not as complex as most think. Just needs to become 2nd nature for him. I'd like to see Sislo there if he struggles.( can't see brunner on 4th line)

Sal is a train wreck. They need a physical defenseman though. Do they wait for Sal to get hurt or do they have the balls to make a move?

PP looked out of rhythm. There were some risky entries, one was when Rico dipsy doodled when he was the last man.

How many goals will Scneids cost them pretending he can play the puck?

The Devils need that killer instinct to finish teams. Hope that develops with the new guys. Elias missed that breakaway that would have sealed it.

I still hate Gio on the PK. He has zero reach up top or strength on the wall.

Corey looked a litte unsettled out there. His feet were exremely busy for him. Maybe adjusting to game speed from preseason?

Looking forward to the Panther game. There is no such thing as easy points in this league, but they need to beat these type of teams.

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Was at the game and actually got more **** tonight than I did my last 5 times combined. Of course they didn't make it easy but two points is two points.


-Elias line crushed it tonight by the eye test and the numbers. Elias was a +11 Corsi tonight in a game where NJ got outplayed at ES. I'm excited to see him and Havlat continue to get chemisty and Zubrus actually had a strong game, goal aside.


-Zajac line was also positive and I was unaware that Cammalleri got 7 shots but that's exactly what the Devils need that bulk shooter with a plus shot. Jagr used his body well and Zajac played his usual strong defensive game. It will be interesting to see if they can keep it up


-Henrique line had some good moments but I wish they established the cycle more. Ryder was pretty good and I can easily see him around 25 goals.


-4th line was baaaaaad. Couldn't get anything going and was pinned constantly


-Greene was steady and let Severson do his thing and I think I speak for everyone when I say that he absolutely belongs. Two shots, 19 minutes of solid defensive play


-Salvador was a disaster. The 2nd Simmonds goal, he got outmuscled in front of the, which can't happen. The fourth goal pissed me off so much that if I talk about it, I'll throw my computer.


-Merrill looked comfortable after missing a lot of preseason and Gelinas was pretty quiet. I do think that EG made a lot of subtle plays in the dzone.


-Schneider was busy and you hope he gets the first one, but it happens. He was good enough and he'll be better down the road. Not worried about him one bit

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I have to say, reading these GDT pages after a back and forth win like this is incredibly enjoyable. From guys going from ulcers to aneurysms, to others throwing their TV out the window, it always makes for a great read.

lol. I was thinking the same thing as I didn't start reading through the thread until after the game was over. Went from the high of being up 3-0 and thinking it would be a quiet game from then on to the oh sh!t, we suck and we're gonna blow it to phew, at least we pulled out a win a regulation. This game was a true rollercoaster of emotion.

All that matters now is that we won and got the 2 points while Philly got nothing. Certainly wasn't a perfect game or even a great one, at least defensively, but there were some positives to take away from it. Glad to see the offense chipping in 5 goals and sealing it with an empty netter. The defense definitely could have been tighter, but it's only game 1 of 82, so I'll cut them some slack and chalk it up to needing to shake off the rust and getting used to the pace of a real game against a full NHL roster. If we still look this shaky by game 5, I'll start worrying, until then I just hope we can pull out a few wins any way we can.

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I'm almost sure that Schneider's puck playing is because the Devils want him to do that, not because he thinks it's a good idea.  He mentioned after being dealt here that the Devils want the goalie to play the puck.  At some point they will have to realize they don't have Brodeur back there and he shouldn't do that as much, but it may take the next coach to make that move.

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I was at the game, and didn't have the benefit of replays so I'll have to take everyone's word for it on the individual performances. That said, I thought Schneider was great. Flyers fans for the most part were fine, but it might be because I'm a pretty agreeable type if you meet me in person. Were actually a decent number of empty seats, but not enough where you wouldn't call it less than a sell out officially. A few audible lets go Devils chants even before the first goal.

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