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GDT 10/7/14: THE NJ DEVILS @ Philadelphia 7PM


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wasnt too impressed with that penalty kill, i mean they didnt score on us but schneids had to make some big saves to keep it blanked and they couldnt clear the zone..why is gionta on the penalty kill again?? on a good note though zubrus did a solid job had a couple real nice looking blocks

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First period, I agree. Second period, I don't really see much to dislike about the Devils play.

they stepped it up nicely, im pleased with what im watching right now.. but the first half of the first period they definently got off to a slow start ... hopefully we can get a, oh never mind i better not say it
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You know we're the game with the white team against the orange team right?

Outside of the last 5 minutes of this period, we haven't sustained pressure, the flyers have looked like the better team outside of the score, albeit they look sh!tty as well.

If the flyers came back to win i wouldn't be shocked. They easily could if we don't start playing better.

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