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GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

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Bright lights brah. Broadway brah. Hustle and bustle brah. Rangerstown brah.

As long as Salvador continues to be in this lineup this team is just begging to lose and, quite frankly, they deserve it. It's disgusting it's come to this. I'll say it again, if this team played in a

I bet Hagelin sits on quite the large dickk in his free time.

Can't blame Larsson for this one!!


Terrible line matchup and management by Deboer in this game, especially in the 3rd.

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god fvcking dammit. this fvcking team cannot hold a fvcking lead.


i want to put this game on zids so badly.  that giveaway that tied the game was inexcusable.


so many god damn mistakes in the 3rd period, thats why we lost this game.



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Honestly Cory has been solid, but we traded for a top goalie, Nabokov plays like this and costs less. He is stopping the ones most goalies should, but we got him to here to do more.

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Really frustrating that we can't hold these leads. It feels like it happens way too much with this team. It's not even the same roster anymore so it makes no sense.

One key aspect hasn't changed though - the coaching.
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Zidlicky, Salvador, Greene all had bad nights tonight.  Got pushed around, bad positioning, mistakes galore.

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