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Gdt Devils vs Senators


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Ok wow im excited!

1. Severson is awesome ! Greene too!

2. Brunner/Elias were our best forward tonight. Didńt hate Henrique but it didnt click with his linemates. Brunner bring a lot of speed to a slow lineup.

3. The zajac cammy and jagr line were average. Not a lot of opportunities. But jagr finds magic at the end. Cammy was noticeable ( bring speed and i felt ottawa was on the heels everytime he had the puck). Zajac is complete but dont brings a lot of upside.

4. I hate salvador. Sens fans were laughning at him.

5. Thank god we have schneider! No way we would have won with clemmensen. ( ottawa fans are jealous of corey.

6. We look tired in the third... 2 games +2 nights + old team....

7. Josefson was great. Gionta was ok, ruutu was awful...

8. I love our D but i believe we need offensive punch... Qualities instead of quantities . ( ryder, clowe were doing fvcking nothing.)

I had a great experience! Memories for a long time!

Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself man. Great stuff, and good observations too.
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Greene is doing fine if you barely noticed him. I have no problem with any defenseman that I don't notice. Noticing defensemen for positive reasons is a luxury.

This is very true. Not noticing him after he played that long means he didn't play bad defense.

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