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GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburg Penguins 7PM MSG


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im fvcking pissed off beyon belief right now and this is the internet. Ill say whatever i want at this moment and its certainly not you who's gonna stop me

oh damn we have a forum board tough guy over here.. hoping his own players get hurt and no one here is stopping him..what gang are you a part of man you sound really tough
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corey has not looked good in the last few games.. but the team hasnt looked that great either so.. one hand washes the other

Corey hasn't been as good as he should be so far. I still think he is an improvement over the goaltending we have seen over the past few years though.

Also remember when Marty used to struggle EVERY October and fans would always say "he always starts slow but gets better with more games." I guess Corey doesn't get that luxury I guess with some fans

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Not too many positives to take away from this one.

This one was ugly...Devils were lucky to have a two-goal lead. Pitt just looked way better for most of the game.

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I'm kind of hoping the Pens put up 10 on us at this point. If it's gonna be bad, it might as well be brutal coach-firing levels of bad.

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