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GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Pittsburg Penguins 7PM MSG


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What a stinker. The PK is dreadful, and by that I mean lethargic, passive, and lets guys park in front of Schneider for seemingly 2 minutes at a time. The defense, while helpful on the attack, is young, inexperienced and vulnerable on their own end. Our veterans on the back end are equally suspect, with the exception of Greene, who is a solid top 4 defenseman. Zidlicky is an absolute atrocity on defense and if I see any more no-look behind the back passes I might have to start using all caps...yes, it's that serious. LOL. Salvador is salvador; i.e. a cone. More than a new coach, we need a solid, big body defenseman who can eat minutes-a Suter, Weber, Doughty type. Tyler Myers perhaps. I would not be surprised if a trade is in the works (for someone, not necessarily Myers).


Now let's see some more pictures!

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PK starts down the opposing end of the rink. The team is way too passive and entries are way too easy and opposing players go fairly unaccosted til 10 feet inside the blueline.

This team is the slowest in the league. The only time they mount pressure is when the D joins the rush. This group of forwards aren't very good. Look for Elias on a milk container near you soon.

It doesn't help the team plays with 2 non-NHL players in Gio and that embarrassment Sal. How did he get walked so easily on that play he gad to rag the guy down??? Just terrible.

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Unlike the rest of the board, I believe we are really close to being a topflight team. The Devils have real offensive depth, and as a result they can score consistently.  The defensive mistakes thus far are to be expected. Everyone called for the kids for 2+ years, and now you have have the reality of the situation. The one encouraging aspect of this is that they should in theory get better.


Pete DeBoer's system is fine, and though he has flaws as a coach, he is not the reason we lost this game. Cory needs to be a lot more consistent as our young dmen are going to make gaffs.


On another note, I was really impressed with YaYo tonight. I am seeing flashes of the player from 2 to 3 years again. If he finally winds up developing the Devils will have center depth that rivals the NHL's elite teams.


Please show patience. 

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how did McDavid's name never came up even after 20 pages?


Because we're not allowed to have nice things.

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You all make me laugh, Pete's not going anywhere. You all know this. It's not him...


At what point does it get to be him?  After we miss the playoffs five years in a row?  Six?


Good god, even Rex Ryan doesn't get as much mileage out of 'two' deep playoff runs that Pete does out of one.

I was going to say Fayne.


And yet our brilliant coach was scratching Fayne too the second half of the lockout season and the first part of last year.

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