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Happy Thanksgiving


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At Thanksgiving we think about what we are thankful for.

As Devils fans what are you thankful for pertaining to the Devils?

As Devils fans what are you least thankful for pertaining to the Devils?

For me, the thing that I was thankful for was the 3 Stanley Cups the last being 11 years ago. Great experience.

The least thank you is the past 4 years of the Devils, I know we went to the SC finals but to me that was a fluke. I hate the position the Devils are in today with litte hope in the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving with the snow in the east I hope your plans weren't spoiled. I am at the Jersey shore, now, and it is nothing but rain. At our winter home it is snowing an inch an hour on it's way to 14 inches. Glad I am not there.

Enjoy Devils Fans

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As Devils fans what are you thankful for pertaining to the Devils?

I'm thankful Scott Stevens is still hot as sin even with a gray goatee....

As Devils fans what are you least thankful for pertaining to the Devils?

I'm least thankful that he's even more tight lipped since he left the game.


I can't stand DeBoer.  I hate everything that he says now.  I feel like he never tells the truth.  Like he tells an idea of a truth but not THE truth and I feel like it's all-encompassing - not just press lip service but like he's always got a line - a couched truth for whoever he has decided he needs to get something out of.  I feel like he sees when he's wrong but ... I dont know.  I just have lost faith in him.  Not in his actual ability but his communication style and he sadly seems to think that's his strong suit I suspect.


I love our young D.  I feel like now it's Gelinas who's being tossed away.  I dont get it but I feel like it's DeBoer -- maybe it is that he's that good but not good enough to cover all the bases he wants to -- so he trashes what he cant get to.  I don't know...


yeah so... oh well.


Happy Thanksgiving all -- even a weeks late for the Canada members

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Thankful for the great memories Pat gave to this team.

Thankful for Jacques and his tenure, and his return.

Thankful that this team had such a tremendous period of dominance.

Thankful for Jagr. Not sure why but for some reason I just really am.

Thankful for Marty and the fact that he spent [almost] his entire career in our home state of NJ.

Thankful for the last 7 years I've spent on this board and the other fans I've conversed with.

Finally, I'm thankful for New Jersey. When i was little it amazed me that such a small state could have such a dominant sports team. It still does.

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