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Franchise Hockey Manager anyone?


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Well, this isn't a fantasy league, per se, but has anyone else tried Franchise Hockey Manaber from OOTP? I've been playing off and on thru this year and it is fun, albeit a still a little underdeveloped in version 1. I've taken the Scouts over as an expansion team, managed thru the Colorado years, and now have our beloved NJ Devils. I have to admit it is a lot of fun managing some of the old favorites. I've got Chico in goal, Lanny McDonald on RW, and I just got a young Peter Stastny as my number one center.

So, anyone else tried this game? The next version is supposed to allow for multi player leagues, so if I can find some other peeps maybe we can set something up. We can all flip a coin for who gets the Devils! ;)

EDIT: just figured I'd mention that I am not affiliated with and do not benefit from mentioning this product. I just really enjoy it.

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Well, I can tell you some more if you'd like. The second version, due out in the near future, is supposed to have MP GMing, so I'm hoping to put together a group of peeps to play. Don't know how we will figure who gets the Scouts.... that'll be a lot of misery before getting to enjoy running the Devils. ;)

Anywho, FHM allows you to start at any point in hockey history in the past 90 years or so. I always start right before the 1974 expansion. I take a year running a team in the WHA, try to win an AVCO cup, and then take over the Scouts. That's when the real "fun" begins. You get to select the cast offs from around the NHL along with the Caps. It is a bit different every time since the players left unprotected aren't always quite the same, but I always target Peter Sullivan and Gary Doak as two of my core players. They aren't exactly studs, but you can do worse. Once you've filled up your roster with mediocrity, then you get the 1974 draft. i was able to select Clark Gillies with my first pick and, after the draft, I signed BOBBY (not Brett) Hull, Velli Pekka Ketola, and one other noteworthy player whom I can't remember at the moment. Not a bad start for the Scouts, but we are thin, thin, thin. Other than a handful of solid players, I got nothing and finished as the worst team in 74-75. No problems, I need the players and good picks. In '75 I selected Mel Bridgman first and got Bob Sauve in the second round. I was also able to package some of my mediocrity for assets by finding teams that needed spare parts that I could fit. Need a third line RW? No problem, take my number 1 RW, he'd be a 3rd liner on most teams. This left the Scouts even more bereft of talent, but I was able to slowly package this motley collection of assets into draft picks and a couple players. My big score came when the Canadiens shipped a young Larry Robinson off to the Sabres! (Doh!) I turned right around and snagged him for myself by giving the Sabres a veteran RW, a solid LD, and a collection of draft picks. Now Robinson is a Scout.

Anyway, that's a typical first year and a half for my managing the Scouts. Finding what other teams need and letting them raid my roster while I get younger and accumulate assets. The game is really neat and it is really fun to sim all the historic players. Makes me feel young again. ;)

Edit: Bobby Hull, not Brett..... Can't believe I did that.

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