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GDT: Devs @ Pens


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Good: Threads with Katy Perry in tight or revealing clothing are always fine by me.


Bad: I know I will be yelling at the screen thinking 23 is Gomez and having to constantly remind myself he is now 21.


Ugly: I can almost guarantee the minute Cory lets in a goal every board and Devils fan site outside of here will explode with "We Want Marty" garbage.


Please just fvcking win for my sanity.


21-9 Devils.

Let's Go Gomez show us what you got.

Ryder is pi$$ed that he is a healthy scratch second in scoring, hasn't scored a goal in 11 games.

Hello team, wake up call !!

Devils Strong


Now he knows how we feel when he goes on one of his famous 10-20 stretches of invisibility.

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not sure why ryder is scratched over some of the others on this team.. he is pissed about it, not good.. fully expecting to lose once again tonight..but i will be watching because thats what a good fan does even when their team blows and disappoints night in and night out :(

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Why on earth is Tootoo even playing. What does he bring besides penalties?

I was just thinking the same thing when Gionta jumped on the ice.

He's good for a few seconds of speed and then nothing

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