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Official "Marty Watch" Thread


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Honestly I think it's part 700 (since his agent admitted that was a factor) and part his love for the game/ego in thinking he can still be a starter on a good team.  I really don't get WHY 700's such a big deal to 'anyone' though, just because it's a round number?  Marty already has the win record by 100+, what's the point of just going on to get a round number or another plateau?  I mean if it was 1000 that'd be one thing but what's the difference if he finishes with 688 or 705, it's just another plateau, it's not like he's going to stop AT 700 either if he was playing a lot and got to 700 with the Blues in the middle of a playoff run..

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I would've loved for Marty to retire a career-long Devil, just like Dano, but I am not the least bit upset he is now playing for the St. Louis Blues. Marty is and always will be "The Man." His accomplishments and achievements far outweigh his shortcomings. They dwarf them.


Go Devils. ... And to a tiny extent for the time being, "go Blues." I wish tonight's game was on regular cable TV.

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Just watched Marty lead the Blues out onto the ice. So weird...

In some ways it is for sure. But even though I didn't really think he'd find a team, in some strange way I was kind of prepared for him playing for someone else.

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Are they throwing lots of pucks at him just to test him? Wish I could watch some of that game.

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