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KHL Collapse?


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players may try and bail on their contracts, that is until, the first ones have a rash of unexplained deaths from natural causes

They don't even bother trying to cover it up as natural causes. They die from being poisoned and Putin will just say it's a coincidence that they died by being poisoned by a rare substance. He'll do his patented 'wasn't me' routine with a giant smirk on his face, lol.

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Today was a far better day for Russia; but it aint pretty...   This chart is in USDRUB...  or what a dollar bill gets you in roubles.  Take the inverse to find what a rouble costs in dollars (ie:  1/61.8141 = 1 rouble is worth 1.6 cents).  The more this spikes, the worse it is to be paid in roubles -compared to dollars-... as it falls, the better.



From what I read, the faces of the KHL, like Kovy will be "taken" care of...  meanwhile, coaches already are missing checks.

I have no statements about the oil market, the rouble, or anything else financially.   :D

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