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Tim Sestito Goal Watch 2014-15


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Okay, we should all know at this point that Tim Sestito does not have a goal as an NHL player.  He's played 89 games in parts of 7 seasons, all of them as a forward, and he has yet to score a goal.  This is futility almost unmatched in NHL history.  Gordie Dwyer is the only forward with more games played and no goals, but Tim Sestito has more time on ice according to hockey-reference.com.  What's even crazier about this scoring drought is that it's not like Tim Sestito doesn't score in the AHL - he has 57 goals in 278 games as a Lowell/Albany Devil, which isn't going to win any awards, but it's still about 16 goals per 80 games.   It's also not like Sestito doesn't play when he's up here either - he averages just short of 10 minutes a game.


This thread will be devoted to evaluating Tim Sestito on a game by game basis to see how close he comes to scoring each game.  I suspect we'll be seeing more of him given the injuries to the team.


Against Washington he had a wrap-around that had about 0 chance of going in but he was also very close to a deflection goal - as I recall, he didn't touch the puck, but if he had it would've been quite a chance.  I'd rank this last game a 7 on the Sestito-Almost-Scored graph.

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Sestito represents the Devils futility with AHL call-ups and prospects over the last few years (a huge exception being Henrique making the team in 11-12). I can't imagine many teams (any team) having more pathetic numbers.


I have since 2011-2012, the Devils have 249 GP from forward call-ups from Bernier, Gionta, Mills, Sestito, Veilleux, Zalewski, Zharkov, Butler, Anderson, Pesonen, Boucher, Janssen, Tedenby, Sislo, Whitney.......and there are a total of 11 goals from the group -- six of those goals coming from Bernier and Janssen.

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One of my favourite things to keep track of. His best chance I remember ever was Jagr feeding him a pass in the slot a few games back. He was alone. He had time. The shot was terrible.

Ha, I rewound that attempt like 10 times because while Jagr gave him a nice short pass, you could see Jagr look back real quick at who the player was, and I envisioned him saying, "Who is that?"


Cracked me up.

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Wow Sestito has 90 games played? I'd guess it was half that


I was thinking the same thing.  I would have put it at around 40-50 at most.


When I see him as a 4th liner I don't mind him and he does his job OK.  But for him to not have a goal in almost 100 games is just amazing and sad.  His first will either be as garbage as they come or highlight reel.

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The reason why you guys forget Sestito's played so many games is that A: he's been here for 6 years now!  This is his 6th year in the organization.  Amazing.  B:  Almost half his games came during the most dreadful part of 2010-11 - he was called up very early that year (October 2010) went back down in November, then came up in December and wasn't sent back until mid-February.  In addition, he's played some games in all 6 years he's been in the organization.

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