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Don't acknowledge the know-nothing troll and he'll hopefully crawl back to hfboards where everyone already knows he's crazy.


You are rattled boss.

What's trolling about that statement? It's his opinion, unpopular, but his opinion. I don't think he's doing it to agitate anyone.


Exactly. As I said in another thread, the trade cannot be made now, but once we get a larger sample of Keith's play, and if the situation presents itself the Devils should consider trading Cory. Cory is the better goalie, but the difference between the two is negligible in my eyes.

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at this point, cory is costing devils, points that is



I know, right? Who in their right mind is still blaming Cory for these losses? This team can't score a goal to save it's life and this guy is saying Cory is costing us points. What more can you really ask of him? Pitch a shutout every night?

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Another loss to a more talented team than the Devils at this time

That must have been some cut to Zubrus's leg for him to be out this long.

As for Elias and Havlet being out waiting for the results of the mumps test, didn't they say it takes two weeks to get the test results back?

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Cory has to be in "Why me?!" mode right now...poor guy FINALLY gets a chance to be the undisputed #1, and when he does, it's for a bad team that is going to be bad for the foreseeable future. At least he's getting to play a lot...that probably kept Chico going back in the old days...

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Cory leads the league in probably the worst stat possible. Most starts. After reading some of the comments about trading him, it reminds me why I quit coming here. Thank god for Triumph, CR1976, MadDog and the others that still provide some value.


P.S. Damnit Devils. At least beat the Canes for my benefit.

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if our D wasnt so "newboors"...heheh... sal would be good for vet presence 


elias was only good for a few games before his back went out again anyway; (he would be better than sestito)


merrill needs a few days off...


helgeson is an NHLer 


happy holidays all!


edit: playing harrold is doing the job; if they roll sal out there between him and zid the devils can break corys will haha

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