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Oates and Stevens both coaching. Lou overlord. Barr Out.


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TG: Lamoreillo said he doesn't have a set time period for how long he will be going behind the bench.


He also said "No promises" on next head coach whatever that means. Basically, no one knows lol.


Only thing I can think of is nobody decent wants this job considering it's a mess here right now.  Coaching guys are fickle and want a reasonable situation to walk into.

It's not clear yet whether Lou is committed to the rebuild and his own status as GM should very much now be in question.  Hopefully we get some serious evaluation and some moves made by the trade deadline and the offseason that push this team on the path forward. 

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72 years old and coaching the team?

The fvck did they fire Barr for?


Who knows.  Lou will give some lazy excuse about accountability that never applies to him or his front office/scouts.

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Could be, why taint a new coach with a tank strategy right? Teflon Lou knows Stevens and he will be still loved no matter what.


A lot of fans (including some here) were throwing darts at Stevens when he was on the staff the last few years.  

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@TGfireandice: Lamoriello said it was unfaiir in this situation to ask one person to come in and be the head coach for for rest of season.


Pretty telling right there.

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@TGfireandice: Intention is for there to be one head coach for next season, Lamoreillo said. Could be Stevens or Oates or someone else.


LOL.  So make them duke it out Gladiators style to figure out who is the next HC?

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If you wanted to tank, why wouldn't you leave the guy in charge who is losing a lot of games?  Why would you change anything at all?


This is going to be very weird, and I doubt it's going to work, but it's at least interesting.


To evaluate Stevens/Oates/other coaching options?


This whole thing's making my head spin.  I did half-jokingly predict off board that Stevens was going to be the next head coach a few minutes after Pete was canned, I didn't think I'd actually be kind of right :lol:

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