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Lemaire's in the House

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Boo, next you're going to tell us there's no Santa Claus or tooth fairy :P


There isn't?  Aw fvck...at least the Easter Bunny's still real...

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If I were the owners I would replace Lou with Lamaire. He has more hockey knowledge in one finger that Lou in his in his whole body. Put Lemaire in charge of hockey operations. Put Lou as Senior Vice President of the NJ Devils. Do something different have co-coaches, Oates as senior coach and Stevens as junior coach, with both speaking to the press and reporting to Lamaire. Conte reports to Lemaire. Lou does budgets, travel plans and arena upgrades for NHL hockey only. It will take years to become a Detroit but we will become the NE Pats of hockey. Make Marty and Elias as co- GMs of the Albany Devils.

We cab do this, the alternative is to stay with Lou and fail. After 5 years enough is enough or should I say, since 2005?

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NEWARK — The Devils have brought in the heavy artillery.

Jacques Lemaire watched practice from above the stands Monday morning 



Didn't we know this would happen?


Curious what "didn't we know this would happen?" means? Are you or others expecting him to have a larger role with the team now that Pete is fired? Coaching? Management?

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It's all very LD-ish.

I miss LD

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I'm pretty happy with Lou.  He took everything I thought had to be done and went all apesh!t on it.


This team does not need to lose to expose it's short-comings. Lou just needs to know what is going on.


You know - I always feel all happy with myself when things shake out the way I feel they should - but I do get nervous things will only be taken so far.  My sincere hope is that Lou isn't here to win in the now - he's here to fix things for years to come.   Lemaire was not a critical part of the vision.  I'm not sure he's really needed to get the Devils back to some Essential Devil thing.  He's just a font of knowledge and will have a nice clear take on things.  His gift is seeing --- once he tries to make something or change something, that's when things get a little hairy.  Just tell me what you see and let me take it from there.  Player by player tell me what they can bring to the table - and do NOT be kind.  Don't say -- hmm maybe Salvador can gonad up and play like a winner.  No... take the fast and dirt snapshot - call it as you see it without second guessing please. No judging within the scope of a single guys capabilities.  How does that guy fit into the world of professional hockey.  Please tell me Gionta sucks in the real world and then you can tell me the best we can get out of him because I need to know that ONLY IF WE CAN'T DO BETTER.


That's the thing you want to hear now, because this IS all about the true holes on the team - the long term, not the win today.  I want the team to win but it can't change my vision of who these guys are and who needs to go - the truth cannot be altered for some warm fuzzy I got during a playoff run.


Enough has gone my way often enough that I feel pretty secure Lou's on the same page I am.  It's the same page we're all on.  I'm right merely because it's the obvious.


I'm being harsh I guess... it's not who needs to go -- it's just what are the short comings of the team. Honestly it has nothign to do with player by player -- it's weak spots and holes.  These are not as cut and dry as freaking EVERY armchair GM clacks away on their keyboard.  It's not we need a left wing... we need blahblahblah.  We need gonads - where are they the softest and most exposed?  So I dont want specific players attacked - that's not truth - I get that.  Anyhow...  <_<  so...  yeah  done editing

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Sigh. Yeah. It was a joke. I don't actually think Lou is pulling up to Lemaire's place in a convertible for a wacky adventure.

No Weekend at Bern.... err... Lou's?

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