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Trade Deadline 2015


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I think Zidlicky will have real demand and has value. I don't think Jagr does or will to where we will be satisfied to trade him. It sounds like at least right now there's a lot of skeptics of his ability to play into the latter part of the season and his recent comments about not telling well again and again, speed issues and penalty taking wont be seen in a positive light unless he can really clean up and show himself at full health over the next month.

Definitely agree on Zid. I really don't get how anyone thinks he's going for anything less than a 2nd with the way GMs go full retard around the deadline.

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I think that if im Lou im really starting to see if theres interest in our players soon and not wait too close to the deadline. with all the injuries and illness going around, we don't want to be stuck to close to the deadline with guys sidelines with injuries or super sick. A bad timing could fvck us over.

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