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GDT: Devils vs Pens 7pm

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Pretty f'ing terrible is more like it.  A full 5 on 3 and nothing to show for it.  It's disgusting.  And we won the faceoffs with ease too.


This team is so offensively inept it's pathetic.  


Honestly it looked like 5-5 out there. It was sad.


This is one of those nights where either Schneider steals one for us, or we are fvcked. He cannot just play good tonight and I think he recognizes that early.

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It's something different than mites on ice that I haven't bothered to watch in years.

I really enjoy the mites in ice and would prefer if they went with that most games. I noticed last time I caught mites on ice, they set up the nets in the side boards instead of using the full ice surface, which was quite disappointing. As a kid, my mite hockey team got the chance to do mites in ice and that was really cool for me as an 6-7 year old kid so I always like seeing that during the intermission.

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Nothing spreads good will throughout the hockey community better than Medeival times compared to little kids playing on NHL ice on a friday night Devils/Pens game.  


Hopefully Schneider can steal this one too. 

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the trade Cory so we can play KK crowd has exited the building over the last few weeks.

They were about as dumb as it gets.

Sorry Cory...but your team just doesn't match up some nights. Yikes.

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Insane. Getting outshot close to 30-7 I bet.


Of course waiting last minute til other teams have filled their needs or that our guys gets injured and untradable seems like the way to go

When time is on your side, use it.

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7 shots on goal through 2 periods.  Yeah, that's gonna win you a lot of games.  A team shouldn't be allowed to play in the league with that kind of effort.  


I was someone who loved the trap style hockey during the 90s because it suffocated teams and was great to see them have to adjust and try to beat it, but this is just downright pathetic, and borderline embarrassing.

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Someone's got to get Johnny Mac to work on his "you knows". That is maddening.

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