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GDT: Devils vs Pens 7pm


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Cory alone keeps them above picking 1-2. Those are the can't miss guys. I don't think picking either 6 or 11 is going to make a substantial difference

The top 2 picks are definitely better than the rest but 3-5 should be a lot better than 6-11. We could really use either Strome or Marner.

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Cory gets screwed again. Sometimes I really hate watching this überslow collection of zilches.

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For once I was actually rooting for the team to make it to the shootout. Had little to no chance to win this in regular OT.

Cory player like a stud and I agree the whole team needs to apologize to him. He is the reason why this sad sack of losers that is the rest of the team walks away with a point.

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If I didn't know better I'd swear they have something against him with all the deadass performances they give with him in net.

This year I just think it's a case of the team being that bad. I do feel for Cory though. The guy has been lights-out for almost two and a half months, and his team still can't win (this little burst they're on is a Sabre-like mirage).

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At least Lou gets to watch this up close.  

I hope you're right, because I'm guessing the Devils will pick somewhere around 10th.


I don't think that's likely.  It's especially unlikely if the Devils sell Jagr and Zidlicky.  This team's forwards are real bad.  They are using Mark Fraser in a top 4 role.  

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Cory stole that point. Would be nice if the rest of the team showed up and Steve Bernier wasn't our best forward over the last 4 games.

I don't think it's a case of not showing up. They're just a bad team, and certain teams can really make them look like a friggin' expansion team to boot.

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Honestly, the decision to not play Gelinas was moronic. We SUCK at scoring. Play him instead of Fraser or Harrold (or dress 7 D) and give him bottom six minutes. It's idiotic what they did. That 5-3 tonight is totally different with Gelinas on it. How much scoring ineptness does it take to finally get him in there on a regular basis? 


Instead we play Fraser 20 minutes a night.



Someone's got to get Johnny Mac to work on his "you knows". That is maddening.


Lol, I noticed that too. 

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