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New York Mets 2015 Season Thread


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The Mets 4 aces can on any given day go out and match the best pitcher's in baseball pitch for pitch. Having 4 of these guys does give you flexibility to deal one. Normally, I would horde these fvckers and not even dream of dealing one but Harvey's antics are a complete distraction to the team. I hope he freaking goes out there and kills it this post season so that SA's phone rings off the hook with unbelievable deals.

Like an Orioles deal centered around Adam Jones. A Cubs deal with Russell and others. A pirates deal around McCutcheon. The possibilities are endless with this kind of talent.

We could also see a Cespedes or Upton pondering... perhaps Cespedes was the better trade target at the deadline but Upton may be the better longer short-term fit. Upton - 2 years younger, 19 steals this year still has some upswing years left. Coming off this year their cold be a 50 million difference in these two players contracts that probably isn't justified. A perfect world we might have both but our nickel and dime owners aren't going to make a deal for both. It's probably very likely Upton is in NY next year. Either as Met or Yankee. If the Yankees go after Cespedes- Upton will probably certainly be a Met.

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Perfect example as to the why Granderson is not an ideal leadoff guy. He gets on and is just sitting at first like an anchor waiting for Wright to do something while Wright kills the momentum and grounds into a dp. That was the situation to bunt him over and get him in scoring position.

Not that you're going to bunt Wright but it just goes to show you how stupid the Mets lineup is.

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fwiw that pitch to Duda on the strike em out throw em out earlier was ball 4. Shouldve been 1st and 2nd 1 out

Greinke should be out of this game by now

Exactly and Thor came back the next inning put it in the same spot and doesn't get the call.

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