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New York Mets 2015 Season Thread


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Still think Harvey is a bulldog capo?  I haven't seen him pitch anyone inside all night. 


Oh well...hope Harvey can stop them here...and he does.

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Degrom gets through that. Pretender


It happens.  Royals have reached two World Series for a reason.  Harvey's luck ran out...the inside-the-parker was a bad break, but he's gotten his share of good ones since.

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Of course he couldn't do that with runners on.  At least he hit the ball though.  And is giving Murph a chance.

OK Cespy...here's a huge opportunity...

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Fwiw....Mets have only won WS after losing game 1.

Addison Reed...ugh. very HR prone. Harveys pitch count wasnt especially high either


They've only PLAYED World Series where they lost Game 1 - they lost Game 1 in '73 and 2000 too.


I actually have more confidence in Reed than most, though I would have had a lot less if I knew about his 6+ ERA against the Royals (though he was in a bandbox with his home games as a White Sox).  Clippard in the eighth against the heart of the order scares the crap out of me though, we need runs soon.

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Clippard...ugh.  Just very hittable.  And this was a guy who used to be a hit suppressor. 

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