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New York Mets 2015 Season Thread


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Well guess Niese gets his big chance here

<goes to hide under the covers>

Benitez got nickel and dimed to death though, this was more like the Scoscia HR in '88 to me. And what made it so shocking was just how easily Familia got his first two outs and got the next two after the HR. He only needed 13 pitches to get through 1.1 innings, unfortunately only twelve were good.

Hmmph, not a bad inning from a guy that's barely pitched in the last month.

I thought I remembered a ball off the wall in the mix though. Anyways it really set the tone for the series.

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Oh sure...leave it up to Cuddyer...


this fvcker is going to strike out AGAIN...

Edited by Colorado Rockies 1976
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This ump has been iffy for BOTH teams...that looked like strike 2 to me.

Biggest AB of David Wrights career


Here comes failure.  It's what he does.

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DW Mr. Unclutch


and yes 2-0 pitch from Madson was ball 3 outside. Called a strike


He should be batting ninth.  This never ends with him.  Only thing he's kind of good at now is starting off an inning.

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