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RNRP2: Gary Glitter found guilty


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Glitter has been a known pedo for like 15 years already. Most of these years we had the song

Anyway. It's gone and not coming back. True the post goal celebration sucks now, but eventually they will find a song people like.

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I hate. Vuvuzela but I thought that was at least a cool use of one.


i have to tell you, i'm not against the crowd made Vuvzela RR2. i appreciate it's that its fan led which gives it a bit of an "inside joke" type thing. and more importantly, they don't do it when the devils are losing (at least not at games i've been to this year). they will do it when devils are ahead or have tied the game - and that's when you do it. you do NOT do it when you're losing. that was always my problem with it.

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I don't think that's true. I'm pretty sure there's no way to prevent someone from profiting from something unless it was created in the process of a committing a crime.

Unless he sold the rights to it (maybe to pay legal fees), it's still his. You don't lose your intellectual property upon conviction of a crime, unless as ATL says, it would somehow be profiting from the crime.

Just the fact that it was derived from the crime wouldn't necessarily be enough. The criminal has to be making an attempt to use his notoriety to profit. I.e. If he stabbed the guy who wrote the song to death and he stole it for his own. That would be subject to seizure because it's not his property, so that's not what we're talking about.

If he wrote a song about how he loves child porn while in jail and tried to market it, then he would not be allowed to profit from it.

In other words, RNR2 is not subject to seizure, UNLESS someone got a judgment against him and he had to sell assets to pay it.

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Will infamous singer Gary Glitter's latest sex crimes conviction finally convince NHL teams to stop playing his music?


This article makes a good point in correlation. How would one feel if an NHL team played Bill Cosby clips during intermission?

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Thinking about it, I am pretty sure he had a famous bankruptcy filing, so he probably did have to sell it.

Still not just because of the crime, though it may have helped the bankruptcy along.

I didn't realize he filed for bankruptcy. You're right that he may have had to sell the rights to the song while going through bankruptcy since that would be an asset that he could liquidate so to speak.

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