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The most overrated coach in sports history: Gordon Bombay

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Bombay certainly was never an Xs and Os guru but his players wanted to play for him and he seemed to often get the best out of some of the more difficult prospects. A lot of people say "Well, he had an amazing team, anyone would have had success with Adam Banks and Guy Germaine on their roster," but people forget that he is the one who helped Fulton Reed and Dean Portman to recognize their chemistry with each other, and he knew exactly how to cultivate nontraditional players like Ken Wu (the guy's Corsi number for the Goodwill Games was insane). I also really feel for him with the Julie Gaffney/Goldberg situation. There was another instance of a coach giving a legend a little extra leeway a la Marty and DeBoer. Plus, the fans wanted Goldberg. Anyway, Julie eventually got the call when it mattered most.


The one thing that has to be said though, is that without Jacques Lemaire Hans, the Ducks wouldn't have been half of what they were.

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Can we mention that he left Charlie's mom for the Icelandic chick? How bad must that have been for chemistry. I mean, maybe Charlie's mom left him beforehand because he wasn't good enough, but that's the best case scenario.

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